Photo learning digital Academy

If you have arrived here because you already know me or by chance I'll tell you who I am and what kind of training you will find here.

My name is Juan Pablo de Miguel and I am a Spanish photographer specialized in fine-art photography. I started taking photos in 1998 and in 2010 I quit my job as an engineer to travel around world photographing the most incredible landscapes. I have worked in many places and doing more than 1500 unique works so far.

I am now available to teach you what I learned during this time. 

Choose the training that interests you.

Private Lessons 1 to 1.

A unique training distributed in modules dedicated to seeing all the necessary techniques, whatever your level is. Push your photography to the next level.

Mentoring and photo coaching.

A personalized long-term training and guidance program. Build your passion or career on the right direction. All levels.

Portfolio review and critique.

Build your work with identity and meaning. Get a simple and effective narrative in your work and shape it as a project. Control aesthetics and shape, express the concept.

Technical advice.

What camera, lenses, accessories, filters should I buy? Mac or PC? What hardware characteristics really matter in a computer to make it the best digital laboratory?

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