Mentoring and photo coaching.

This is a very special kind of training.

If you're the type of person who likes to take time to mature ideas and practice what you've learned, you're in the right place.

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The photo coaching is a personalized long-term teaching program just for you.

Achieve your own artistic style from a full personal development and self-knowledge. We will enhance your innate capabilities and cement a comprehensive work method from the field to development and total organization.

This program is designed for photographers of all levels and experience seeking for guide on their technical and creative journey. Conceived for landscape, adventure and travel enthusiasts, the mentoring will be tailored to the needs and areas of interest of each student.

From 3 months minimum, the training is divided into two sessions of two hours each month (four hours per month total).

The program includes...

We will start with these points.

1. Initial meeting with the student to meet us and set goals, in which we will review the portfolio. Starting here, I will design a training and activities plan for the following months.

2. About every fifteen days, we will meet to discuss progress, resolve doubts, tasks and set new goals.

These meetings can be devoted to topics such as:

- Digital development and post-processing techniques.

- Develop a personal style.

- Analysis and criticism of images.

- Commercial agencies.

- Marketing and social media.

- Construction of a coherent and readable portfolio.

- Monetized of your images.

I recommend at least six months.

This program is only open to 5 students.

(Currently no places available).

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